nLight Tunable Fixtures

Lithonia Lighting® and Acuity Controls™ bring lighting adaptability in an easy-to-use plug & play platform. With simple elegance, nLight delivers dimming and color tuning effects at the touch of a button. Tunable White is perfect in classrooms and educational settings as it allows the light color temperature to be adjusted to the optimal light level for student tasks such as reading or test taking.

The BLT Best-in-Value Low Profile LED luminaire features a popular center basket design that offers a clean, versatile style and volumetric distribution. High efficacy LED light engines deliver energy savings and low maintenance compared to traditional sources. An extensive selection of configurations and options make the BLT the perfect choice for many lighting applications including schools, offices and other commercial spaces, retail, hospitals and healthcare facilities. The low profile BLT design (2-3/8″) also makes it an excellent choice for renovation projects.

BLT enclosure components are die-formed for dimensional consistency and painted after fabrication with a polyester powder paint for improved performance and protection.

The reflector is finished with a high reflective matte white powder paint for improved aesthetics and increased light diffusion.

End plates contain easy-to-position integral T-bar clips for securely attaching the luminaire to the T-grid. For additional T-grid security, optional screw on T-bar clips are available.

Diffusers are extruded from impact modified acrylic for increased durability.

LED boards and drivers are accessible from the plenum.

Volumetric illumination is achieved by creating an optimal mix of light to walls, partitions and vertical and horizontal work surfaces – rendering the interior space, objects and occupants in a more balanced, complimentary luminous environment. High performance extruded acrylic diffusers conceal LEDs and efficiently deliver light in a volumetric distribution. Four diffuser choices available – curved and square designs with linear prisms or a smooth frosted finish.

Integrated sensor (individual control): Sensor Switch MSD7ADCX ((Passive infrared (PIR)) or MSDPDT7ADCX ((PIR/Microphonics Dual Tech (PDT)) integrated occupancy sensor/automatic dimming photocell allows the luminaire to power off when the space is unoccupied or enough ambient light is entering the space. See page 4 for more details on the integrated sensor.

Integrated Sensor (nLight Wired Networking): This sensor is nLight-enabled, meaning it has the ability to communicate over an nLight network. When wired, using CAT-5 cabling, with other nLight-enabled sensors, power packs, or WallPods, an nLight control zone is created. Once linked to a Gateway, directly or via a Bridge, the zone becomes capable of remote status monitoring and control via SensorView software.

Integrated Smart Sensor (nLight Air Wireless Platform): The rES7 sensor is nLight AIR enabled, meaning it has the ability to communicate over the wireless nLight control platform. It is both a digital PIR occupancy sensor/automatic dimming photocell. It pairs to other luminairs and wall switches through our mobile app, CLAIRITY, which allows for simple sensor adjustment. See page 4 for more details on the Integrated Smart Sensor.