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Sustainability Program

North American Lighting Products has created a unique sustainability program that prioritizes the environment while ensuring that our costs are highly competitive. We offer an on-staff sustainability professional to assist with alternative energy solutions and a lamp recycling program that helps our clients dispose of old fluorescent lamps to minimize environmental impact.

Green Offices

North American Lighting Products offices are fitted with solutions for environmental sustainability. With energy efficient lighting, clean energy heating and optional electronic billing, we strive to be leaders in our community.

Lighting Specialists

Our Lighting Specialists understand  how to optimize a space using LED or fluorescent lighting or a combination of both to deliver the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions for our clients and the community.

We offer a complete Lighting Energy Conservation Analysis that provides detailed suggestions for improvements and vital data that our clients can use to make informed decisions to build a solid business case.  The energy report will identify, analyse and recommend cost-effective solutions to improve inefficient systems and increase the reliability and efficiency of your facility.

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