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NALP is proud of our relationship we maintain with industry partners. We believe that sourcing only the highest quality products on our part benefits you. We want you to be proud of your projects and we are pleased that you are bringing our products with you to the job site.

BJ Take catalogue
Chemical free cleaning
Hepa and UV hand dryer
eurowear work pants
rain bib by surewerx
safety coveralls surewerx
long sleeved safety shirt
Jet tools H3432
UV and Hepa hand dryer by Comac
safety t-shirts surewerx
Air and hand sanitizer
eye wash stations
covid-19 protection
high visability jackets surewerx
exterior lighting led
recessed led tube and fluorescent
recessed led troffer lighting
Klein tools
Klein tools knife
Klien tools knife
NALP Mississauga offers Acuity controls
American lighting colour logo
American dryer logo
Artcraft logo
Beghelli logo lighting
BEL colour logo
BJ Take Energy Efficient Lighting
BRK logo
Broan logo
Colour bussmann logo
Carlo gavazzi colour logo light
Columbia colour logo MBF
cooper b-line colour logo
cooper crouse-hinds colour logo
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